Strategic Location

Puerto Rico offers the perfect crossroads location to bridge the Atlantic, Caribbean, North America, and South America.

Export Services Act

The Export Services Act (Act 20 of 2012) provides for a 4% maximum tax rate on income earned from exporting services outside of Puerto Rico.

Individual Investors Act

The Individual Investors Act (Act 22 of 2012) provides incredible passive income tax benefits for new Puerto Rican residents.

Real Experience

With offices in Texas and California, Angel Reyes and Associates’ attorneys can help you enjoy the sun, sand, and 0-4% tax rates in Puerto Rico.

Advantage Puerto Rico

Angel Reyes and Associates provides expert legal advice on the exceptional tax incentives that Puerto Rico offers, and we guide our clients with indispensable legal and business advice required to succeed in Puerto Rico.

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A Pro-Business Tax Climate

Operate in a U.S. jurisdiction, but with the benefits of a foreign tax structure and incentives, with manufacturing and export services enjoying a 4% fixed income tax rate.

Aggressive Incentives Offered

Incentive Acts attract foreign direct investment in various sectors, including; manufacturing, exports, insurance, financial and legal services, renewable energy and more.

A Skilled Local Workforce

Puerto Rico provides for a highly educated, productive, bilingual workforce, and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez ranks first in graduating Hispanic engineers.

Low Cost of Doing Business

When compared to the largest U.S. cities, Puerto Rico has the lowest cost of doing business.  Hourly earnings in manufacturing average 65% to 80% of the U.S. average.

U.S. Infrastructure and Legal System

A world-class transit system, under-sea fiber optic Internet access and island-wide broadband service, a the Puerto Rican banking system regulated under U.S. (FDIC) laws.

A Better Lifestyle!

Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Puerto Rico’s Culebra Island “one of the best island secrets on earth.” Did we mention there are more than 20 golf courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, Tom Kite, and Greg Norman?

Meet the Team

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Puerto Rico Buzz

See and hear what others are saying about Puerto Rico’s tax advantages, workforce, and lifestyle…

Gabriel Hernandez - BDO Puerto Rico

“I take at least five calls a day from new people considering moving here”
Source: NY Times

Nicholas Prouty - Putnam Bridge Funding CEO

“And there is something else – something I didn’t fully understand until I moved here… Puerto Rico’s great secret weapon… the quality of her workforce…”

John Paulson - Hedge Fund Manager

“I think tomorrow the island will develop into the Singapore of the Caribbean.”
Source: CNBC

Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Asset Management

“The cost of doing business is low, the cost of hiring local labor is lower. And if I need to move employees from the (U.S.) mainland it’s easier. I don’t have to worry about visa issues.”

Puerto Rico In The News

All the latest Puerto Rico business and individual incentives news from media and web sources, along with upcoming conference schedules and updates…

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